The Ultimate List of Best Email Marketing Services for 2021

When it comes to ROI, nothing beats email marketing. Despite its age, it continues to generate $42 for every $1 you invest and remains the key strategic channel for most marketers. This isn’t surprising either. According to Statista, roughly 3.9 billion people across the globe now use email, and that number is expected to grow to 4.48 billion by […]

President Joe Biden Became the 46th American President

President Biden will unleash a full-scale assault on his predecessor’s legacy on Wednesday, acting hours after taking the oath of office to sweep aside former President Donald J. Trump’s pandemic response, reverse his environmental agenda, tear down his anti-immigration policies, bolster the sluggish economic recovery and restore federal efforts aimed at promoting diversity. Moving with […]

Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Email Marketing Software – GetResponse

Get up to 40% OFF any plan! That’s like getting up to 9 free months!  The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale is live and runs through Monday, Nov. 30th. The promotion will include an additional 15% off annual and two-year discounts, for up to 40% off for life!Don’t miss out! This is your opportunity to earn great commissions and your customers chance to get the best deal of […]


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News: U.S. and World News Headlines : NPR News: U.S. and World News Headlines NPR news, audio, and podcasts. Coverage of breaking stories, national and world news, politics, business, science, technology, and extended coverage of major national and world events. Albert Bourla, chairman and CEO of Pfizer, sold millions of dollars’ worth of company stock…

Texas has become the first US state to hit 1 million cases of Covid-19

Texas has become the first state in the United States to record 1 million coronavirus cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The Lone Star State has now identified 1,010,364 Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. At least 19,337 people there have died, according to the university. California has the second-highest number of cases […]

More than 500 ‘murder hornets’ collected from first known nest in US

More than 500 Asian giant hornets have been collected from the first known nest of the invasive species in the United States, officials announced Tuesday. Washington State Department of Agriculture entomologists discovered the nest of “murder hornets” last month in a tree in Blaine, north of Seattle, near the Canadian border. After eradicating the nest, […]