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Google Flights Introduces New Feature for Timing Your Bookings for Huge Savings

Google Flights is launching a useful feature to assist travelers in determining the optimal time to book their flights. This latest addition, set to roll out this week, utilizes historical trend data to provide insights into when prices have historically been at their lowest for selected destinations on chosen dates.

Making Informed Booking Decisions

With the intention of helping travelers make informed decisions about when to book, this feature will guide users on whether to secure their flight immediately or wait for potential price drops. For instance, users might learn that the best time to book their travel is two months before departure, or that prices generally decrease as the departure date approaches.

Enhancing Existing Insights

This new feature complements Google Flights’ existing insights, which allow users to gauge whether current prices are high, low, or typical compared to past averages. Users can also opt for price tracking, receiving notifications when prices decrease significantly for chosen dates or flexible date ranges.

Price Guarantee Badge and Pilot Program

Certain flights will carry a price guarantee badge, indicating Google’s confidence that the fare will not decrease before departure. In the event that prices do drop, Google will refund the difference via Google Pay. This feature is part of a pilot program available for specific U.S. itineraries.

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2023 Flight Booking Trends and Insights

The announcement was made through a Google blog post, which not only introduced the “cheapest time to book” insights but also shared insights into flight booking trends for 2023 up to July. Noteworthy findings include the revelation that for Christmas flights, the lowest average prices were observed 71 days before departure, a change from 22 days in the 2022 trends report. Additionally, Google noted that there’s no longer a distinct price dip before an increase for U.S. trips to Europe. Prices tend to be lowest 72 days or more before departure.

Google Flights’ new feature aims to empower travelers with data-driven insights, allowing them to make smarter decisions about their flight bookings.

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